Blog — August 12, 2017

Still talking about where I get my inspiration. This time I’ll tell you about what prompted my novella Blue Ridge Mountain Escape.

I love a story where the heroine is in danger and the hero plans to rescue her or keep her out of harms way in spite of the fact she is capable of doing so herself. She appreciates the assistance, but has her own ideas about taking retribution on the men who brought havoc into her life. No help needed, thank you very much!

So starts this story.

Next I needed a setting where cell service and Wi-Fi are not available. You’ll understand why in the first chapter of the book. Once again I remembered something from my past that brought the perfect location to mind. A few years ago my family rented a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains just north of Atlanta, Georgia, for a Christmas Holiday. There was satellite TV, but not much else. Perfect for the holiday and ditto for the location of my novella.

Next week I’ll provide a little more insight into the story.