Blog — August 5, 2017

What inspired me to write the book After the Reunion?

Inspiration works differently for me with each book. This time I started thinking about how students who graduated high school around 2005 would have been impacted by the economy downturn which began with the housing market decline in 2006-2009. Those young people would have just started college or training for some type of career.

Those thoughts lead me to think of a young man who joined the Army. He would most likely be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. This gave me my hero of the book, Trent Meyers.

The villain would be a person who’d been raised in an affluent family, attending college when his parents come for a visit. They would explain he’d have to return home at the end of the semester since there was no more money for his continued education. The villain became Beauregard Dillon Jackson IV who had no intention of returning to his hometown in poverty. His ego couldn’t allow this to happen. He devises a plan to create drugs and sell them.

The book takes place starting with their ten year high school reunion. How things have changed and how they’ve stayed the same. 

After the Reunion