Blog — June 17, 2017

I’m often asked where I get inspiration for my novels. That answer is “anywhere, anytime”. For an example my husband and I recently returned from a two week cruise. We started in Barcelona, Spain, we traveled South to the Sun Coast, North to Portugal, further North and East to Northern Spain and continued to Northern France. We then crossed the English Channel and docked in Southampton, England.

An excursion in Bilboa, Spain, took us to the fishing village of Castro. What scenery! The rocky coastline reminded me of the “old” version of the movie Count of Monte Cristo. The scene where he finds the treasure. Those craggy rocks jutting over the swirling ocean with a cave opening up only during low tide. My mind started exploding with ideas of smugglers, narrow escapes from fishermen returning from a fruitless day at sea, women waiting for a long overdue vessel with their man on board.

Now I have to finish my current novel, After the Raid, so I can move on to one of these other ideas!

Castro shoreline
Castro Bridge
Steps to the ocean
Caves in Castro