Blog — Apri 1, 2017

Have you made your summer vacation plans yet? It won’t be long before summer is here and many people head for the mountains, beaches, or theme parks.  Some vacations center around reunions. A family reunion, school reunion or best friend reunion.

My first book in the Sons Of Magnolia Meyers series After the Reunion takes us to a high school reunion. The main character, Trent Meyers, hasn’t been back to his hometown since graduation. He spent ten years in the army and recently settled in Charleston, South Carolina. Now he’s back in town for the reunion as an undercover agent for the DEA. He is charged with infiltrating the drug ring in his hometown of Georgetown, South Carolina. The Drug Enforcement Agency is certain one of the alum’s in Trent’s class is the leader of the drug ring.

Trent wants to abolish the drug ring that is tearing his hometown apart. Along the way he  reconnects with his high school crush, Shelby Cornwell. He realizes his involvement with the dangerous drug dealers could endanger Shelby. Although he does his best to keep her off the radar of the criminals he finally admits he needs to distance himself from her to keep her safe.

Find out what happens between Shelby and Trent as well as the drug ring in Georgetown by reading After the Reunion.